Ueda Industry's Strengths

Ueda Industry's Strengths

One stop solution

From mold design to mold making, through press processing we are consistently manufacturing metal products. Through mass production management, the shorter periods of manufacturing time, and the other maintenances involved leads to the advantage of being able to produce higher quality products. Furthermore, through the ability to change our construction and manufacturing processes we are able to respond to the voices of our customers to create new prototypes and products faster.

Quality Management.

We believe that quality assurance is the essence of our company. Receiving the international standard ISO 9001 award, we use this as a baseline managed under strict internal standards, our company conducts thorough quality control measures to continue to ensure customers of this standard. In this light, we pride the precise quality control systems we conduct to assure for our maintaining of these high-quality standards.

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Our facilities fast response and delivery time.

We have 3 factories in Japan, all of which are maintained and fully equipped with the technology to ensure delivery control in a timely manner. While continuing to maintain high quality standards, we have received high praise from our customers who we have been dealing with for many years as to our responsive and fast delivery dates.

Human Resource Development.

As a part of human resource development and skill improvement measures of our employees we test for skills, quality control, and hygiene. Furthermore, skills and qualifications regarding forklift rigging and crane operation are also tested for in order to work at Ueda Industry.

Skills and Qualifications

Additional Product Supply from Southeast Asia.

Since 1994, there has been an established system for supplying products and manufacturing materials between Japan and Southeast Asia. Because of this, our Malaysia factory operates with the same level of quality control and high standards as our Japanese factories. This ensures that we can operate and produce goods both at low costs to the customers, but also works to ensure that we will always have the materials and products necessary to satisfy our customers. For further information, please contact us.

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Subsidiary facilities were given both the ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 awards as well.

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