Ueda Industry look towards providing production and press processing for all customers needs.

Since our beginning in 1954, we have continuously made strides to raise the bar for the quality of our products as we respond to the needs and wants of our customers. In doing so, we have delivered and produced numerous products to the market. In this light, we will continue to strive for quality assurance and technical improvements in the future. As we constantly aim to create superior products and challenge ourselves as much as possible, we hope to continue to earn the trust of our customers.


What we can do for you.

We mainly work on high-performance metal parts for aspects such as automobiles, bicycles, electrical parts, buildings etc. through press processing, mold design, and production. We will continue to aim for low costs with mass production, reduce the period of time of production, so that we can provide quality products in a timely manner.


Metal Design Production

We at Ueda Industry are constantly working towards all possibilities and angles in the design stage with our expertise and high precision mold technology and processing equipment.

Metal Press Process Metal Stamping

Metal press processing is a high-level technical process requiring ample expertise to work with complicated three-dimensional shapes. In this regard, we have received world class evaluations for our progressive press processing in terms of both costs and quality.

Research and Design of Products(Japanese version only)

We are engaged with research in product development of metal-resin designs with the aim of reducing weight with the same functionality of metal parts, lowering costs, and improving the environmental influence through composite materials.

Why choose Ueda Industry?

We have created many high-quality products for low prices by maintaining our comprehensive work process, handling prototypes, and developing products. We constantly strive to improve our technical capabilities, and to comply with difficult requests involving press production, that many other companies cannot achieve. We also focus on human resources to optimize our work process, as we work and manufacture every day.

One stop solution.

Each department within the company closely cooperates with one another to realize the manufacturing needs and requests of our customers. Consistently handling design,manufacturing, press processing, and the production of molds. Due to this, we can provide for all of the aspects of our customers needs.


Contributing to fast production and delivery.

By organizing and operating through various facilities, we are able to make efforts to deliver high-quality products in a prompt delivery deadline.


Cultivating Ideas within the Workforce

Towards creating products with high value, encouraging free thought and expression of ideas, we work to create a workplace environment that can have imagination towards new design and innovation. This is achieved through our human resource development as the backbone of our manufacturing business.

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Ueda’s proprietary product

Atmospheric corrosion monitor

Products created to solve problems in factories.

Chosen for the Kansai Monozukuri Award in 2017.

This unit measures the corrosion of metal.

Helping to monitor and manage the corrosion of outdoor metals.


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We at Ueda Industry will support your business with our products.
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