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Atmospheric corrosion monitor

ACM Mold Corrosion Sensors for Atmospheric Metallic Corrosion Monitoring Units

What is the Atmospheric corrosion monitor?

Units made to measure the degree of metal corrosion or rust. These units use corrosion sensors and small current measurement recorders to measure the corrosion current. Through measuring the current, the metallic corrosive factors of the atmosphere (time of exposure to water or impurities etc.) or units can measure the speed at which corrosion takes place. By doing this, buildings that use reinforcing bars can determine the rate at which the structure is aging, when repairs are necessary, or for improvements to infrastructure. Furthermore, our units allow for the monitoring of the environmental situation due to corrosion. This allows for steps to be taken in advance corresponding to the data collected. Through these units we are able to help society and its infrastructure in monitoring and managing important steps to respond to corrosive degradation.


  • One year of continuous long-term measurements
  • Integrated corrosion sensors and recorders.
  • Data Simplification and Analysis

Iron/Non-ferrous metals, industrial machinery, mechanical components, electrical components, semiconductors, telecommunications, architecture, civil work, engineering, building materials, other manufacturing processes, research, electronics, infrastructure, services etc.

Making compact units at lower prices a reality.

Units made to monitor atmospheric corrosion in the industry are commonly the size of business bags and often are inconvenient to install due to the various measurements that need to be considered. With many cases where providing a power supply to be difficult requiring extensive power chords. Furthermore, with these difficulties installation and maintenance can take several days. With these factors in mind, our corrosion monitoring units have been designed to be compact with built-in batteries to eliminate these troublesome aspects. While providing these units at a low price, we have also integrated in-house thermo hygrometers and measurement recorders. All of these to provide a convenient unit with diverse features.

Monitor the Corrosive Environment remotely through Internet LTE Wireless compatible cloud-based monitoring development!

  • Corrosive environment analysis, management, and monitoring via internet.
  • Able to monitor up to 20 separate locations through subsidiary monitors within a 500-meter radius of the master monitor.

Until now atmospheric corrosion monitoring units stored and collected data locally. However, questions such as, “Is it possible to collect data without having to go to each unit?” or “Is there a way to manage units from the office desk?” with concerns relating to monitoring efficiency and speed as well as productivity pushed us to develop these new wireless compatible units. Please consider alongside our conventional model our new wireless cloud-based series.


This product includes: a power supply unit, temperature and humidity sensors, measuring and recording corrosion currents, ability to store collected data on the cloud, ability to send collected data over wireless connections, and reputable battery type powering. Radio wave type unit power supply operating at 100 volts.

Product Features

  • Small Size
  • Battery powered
  • Measurement Intervals of 10 Minutes
    Stores Recorded Measurements of up to 1 Year of Recorded Dat
  • Low Installation Costs

Atmospheric metallic corrosion monitoring units come with integrated temperature and humidity sensors.

Preparations for many various types of conditions.

Standard Type Monitoring Unit

On site. Direct Data Collection.

Cloud Type Monitoring Unit

Store data on the cloud, with remote accessibility.

Radio Wave Type Monitoring Unit

Data is exchanged between the Master unit and the subsidiary units (up to 20 units) at a frequency of 920Mhz.

Optionally, it can also have cloud functionality with some remote data collection methods.

*Master monitoring unit requires 100 volts to operate.

Fe/Ag Type Monitoring Unit.

We also have monitors for zinc and silver as well.

* Research Institution Models (100-volt type)
8 channel micro current measurement recording device.

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